Bob speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations. He is coauthor of the International Bestseller, The Go-Giver, as well as Go-Givers Sell More, The Go-Giver Leader, The Go-Giver Influencer, and author of the sales classic, Endless Referrals and Adversaries into Allies. The Go-Giver has been published in over 28 languages and has sold over 925,000 copies.

Bob Burg's Blog - Hold that Vision

Communicating the Vision

Speaking with a client about an ongoing issue with his sales team, I brought up a particular concept. When he heard it, he loved it. He saw exactly how it applied to his situation. He also expressed amazement that he had never heard this before. Except, he had. He’d heard about it numerous times. I know this for a fact since…


Make Yourself DiscountProof

Are you often asked to discount your fee or price? Typically, when a prospective customer or client balks at your price, it’s because they believe that the value of your offering is less than what they are being asked to pay. But, not always. There IS another reason. It’s this…They subscribe to the theory that one should…