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Empathy vs. Sympathy

Yes, it’s still another example of two words that seem to be the same and are often used interchangeably, yet the difference in the results they bring are immense. As we discover in Influence & Success Insights Video #28 titled, “Empathy vs. Sympathy” there is a definite reason why one is very helpful while the other…well, really isn’t.

Lead-In Phrases… Pave the Way

Because people are so often ego-driven and emotion-based it can be difficult to give advice and suggestions in a way that they are not defensive toward you and resistant to your ideas. However, as we discover in Influence & Success Insights Video #27 titled, “Lead-In Phrases…Pave the Way” there is a very simple, kind, and tactful way to accomplish this which will greatly increase that person’s acceptance of – and buy-in to – that which you suggest.

Deflection Via The Parry

When someone either relates something negative that one said about us, or even says something negative directly to us, it’s perhaps the most natural thing to *react* with something negative about (or to) them. And, that’s what most people do. However, as we explore in Influence & Success Insights Video #25 titled, “Deflection Via The Parry” there is another way of handling this; a *response* so powerful that both your enemies as well as those already on your side will come to respect you so, so much more.

Better Than Compromise

We often hear about the importance of compromise. And, of course, in certain situations, it might be the only way to move a deal forward or to successfully end a conflict. But is compromise itself actually the most desirable solution? More often than not, the answer to that is… “no, it isn’t.” Compromise, by its very nature, involves both parties giving up something they want. That’s a lose/lose and, so often, it’s totally unnecessary.

The Phrase That Persuades

Of course, we know this is part of life and part of the human element. We are not necessarily dealing with rational, logical people. It can be frustrating for sure. Fortunately, there is an answer. As we learn from Bob in Influence & Success Insights Video #23 titled, “The Phrase That Persuades” there are eight words you can use that – when applied correctly – will practically always move that other person to the correct and proper action. Just as importantly, in a way that benefits them, as well.

It’s ALWAYS a Problem…Unless It Isn’t

It’s so natural to do, yet so very counterproductive. When presented with a negative question, or one intended to somehow put us the spot, we react defensively and dismiss it as though it’s not an issue at all. Which – of course – only tells that person and everyone observing that, indeed, it IS an issue. In Influence & Success Insights Video #22 titled, “It’s ALWAYS a Problem…Unless It Isn’t” Bob shares, through a fantastic example he witnessed several years ago, a much more effective, productive, and persuasive way to handle this type of situation.

Nothing “Door-Matty” About It

Is placing the interests of others before your own a self-sacrificial act that – while it sounds nice and altruistic – will actually cause you more harm than good? Actually, as we discover in Influence & Success Insights Video #21 titled, “Nothing ‘Door-Matty’ About It” both parts of the above statement are the exact opposite of the truth. Not only is doing so not self-sacrificial, it actually turns out to be the best way to be very influential and immensely successful both personally and professionally.