The Essence of Influence

These days the word, “Influence” is used so often it has taken on different meanings to different people. That’s fine. However, in order to ensure we’re facing the same direction let’s define it a specific way. In Influence & Insights Video #3, we’ll look first at the general definition, and then take it a big step deeper, exploring, “The ‘Essence’ of Influence” which is what the most successful influencers tap into.

The Importance of Mastering People Skills

You can have practically all the positive attributes of an ultra-successful person including talent, high character, ambition, kindness, creativity and much more. But, as we discover in Influence & Insights Video #2, titled, “The Importance of Mastering People Skills” unless you can influence others, your chances of attaining that stratospheric type of success is somewhat limited.

Ask for Referrals Correctly – Part 2 (Going Deeper)

You’re now on a roll as you’ve already received several referrals via asking correctly; gently funneling down their world into small groups of people they can easily picture in their mind’s eye. But there’s no reason to stop now. And in Endless Referrals Action Tip #22 we’ll explore some additional frames you can utilize that can easily result in additional referrals.