“With more than 40 years in the financial business industry, I truly believe that referrals are the most profitable and persistent source of clients. In the latest edition of Endless Referral Bob Burg has hit a home run! Whether new to our business, or a veteran needing an uplift, this is a ‘must-read’ to show you step-by-step how to have a continual prospect flow.”

—Rick DentonCLU, ChFC, Baystate Financial Services

“Bob Burg has an uncommon gift for turning everyday contacts into a wealth of resources. Bob’s journey and personal track record make him a trusted guide and friend to anyone who aspires to become well-known in any industry. Take it form one who knows. I read the original version of this book many years ago so that I too, could grow my business. I followed his suggestions word-for-word and today have very three successful businesses because I put the principles shared in Endless Referrals into practice. I am very excited about this newest version. Inside the pages you will find cutting-edge advice interwoven with the thoughts and quotes of some of society’s most successful leaders.”

“Bob Burg gives the reader an honest look at what networking and building your referral base is all about. He is able to share his life’s experiences as well as those of countless others, and within those stories, find common nuggets we all relate to. Endless Referrals is practical, well thought out and easy –to-apply. While comprehensive in scope, it is easy to read and most importantly, easy to implement. It is a must-read for anyone with a passion to grow a successful business.”

—Heidi RichardsAuthor, Business Coach, Inventor, ”Helping Small Business Bloom

“Burg is known by those in the personal development business as the master of networking and referral-based marketing and for good reason; his information works, and works big! This revised version is his best effort yet. Buy this book, follow what he says and you will profit greatly.”

—David RiklanFounder, SelfGrowth.com and Author of Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives

“I have read over 250 sales and marketing books. I earn a nice six figure income selling and when I read a book the reveals timeless truth I can feel it. This book teaches a priceless skill that is needed for becoming successfully profitable in sales; how to work with prospects that are already open to your message. The referral is already to you because the referrer transferred the trust they have established to you, the valued professional. This book will show you how to tap that trust that others have built and set you up for a successful and profitable sales experience. Buy this book, take it chapter by chapter, internalize all that it teaches and most importantly, ACT on it! You will see commission checks growing larger and it will be easier than you ever imagined.”

—Sean Woodruff, Vice President, Henley Manufacturing, Inc.

—Sean WoodruffVice President, Henley Manufacturing, Inc.

“Bob and his work, Endless Referrals will open your eyes to all kind of new opportunities. Not only a must read, but a must have for every library.”

­—Tony JearyMr. Presentation(™) , Author, Life Is a Series of Presentations

“A quick and powerful read packed full of value. This is great! These are the time-tested, simple things that really work! All of our sales leaders will own the book.”

—Richard B. BrookePresident and CEO, Oxyfresh USA, Inc.

“I put one suggestion of this terrific book into action and landed a $2,000,000 account…. He called me and became the third largest client my company has for four years running. The principles in Burg’s book are sound.”

—Steve KaiserRegional Sales Coordinator, AFLAC

“Using Endless Referrals helped my team sell over $10 million worth of Avon last year! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

—Lisa M. Wilber, Avon Senior Executive Unit Leader, 4th leading money earner in the country, “Owner, The Winner In You

—Lisa M. WilberAvon Senior Executive Unit Leader, 4th leading money earner in the country, “Owner, The Winner In You

“The title of the book says it all. In a clearly written, well organized, easy-to-follow format, Bob Burg shows how anyone can become a master at the art of business networking. Most important, his strategies and techniques are in step with the present and future world of successful selling. Follow Burg’s advice and you’ll get what the book promises-a steady and growing number of endless referrals.”

—Michael LeBoeufAuthor of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life and The Perfect Business

“After reading Endless Referrals, never again will any salesperson in your dealership have to depend on ‘ups.’ Instead, they can meet people wherever they go and form friendships and relationships that create a steady stream of referrals. Burg has put together a primer for developing, what he calls personal walking ambassadors. And it works!”

—Sam S. Edelsberg#1 Mercedes-Benz Salesperson in the Southeast Region of U.S. 2003 and 2004