Saying No Respectfully and…Effectively, Part 2

Last post we looked at two well-known but – in my opinion – counterproductive ways people have been taught to say “no” to a request. Here in Influence & Success Insights Video #20 titled, “Saying No Respectfully and…Effectively, Part 2” you’ll discover my method of doing so that honors the other person and results in both of you feeling good the situation. Yes, they feel good about it even though they did not get their desired result.

Saying No Respectfully and…Effectively, Part 1

As human beings we generally want to please others; to come through for people, to be of value to them. Thus, when someone asks us to do something, we’ll often say “yes” even though we’d really rather say no. Even though we feel we should say no. And even when not saying no sets us up for a probable negative result (i.e. not being able to deliver on what we said “yes” to).