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A Successful Trait

Those who tend to be the most successful in life (both business and personal) deal in truths.

They learn and they understand the laws — the truths of nature, including human nature, physical nature, and economic nature.

They don’t deny or ignore those truths; they don’t fight those truths. Rather, they work within those truths…in order to dramatically improve potential outcomes both for themselves, and for others.

Key Point: Dealing in truths does not mean throwing up your hands and saying, “Well, that’s that. Nothing I can do about it.”

Not one bit.

It simply means that rather than ignoring what is inconvenient (as though doing so will render it inconsequential) you determine how to work within it…in a way that will help you to attain your desired result.

Today’s Exercise: Think back on a truth you learned (or perhaps already knew but finally accepted) that made a big difference in your life in terms of your effectiveness and level of success.

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