The Beauty of Empathy

Of all the people skills that help a person to have “Genuine Influence” perhaps none is more important than a well-developed sense of empathy. But here’s something interesting: while many believe that in order to have empathy, you must understand exactly “how the other person feels”, as we see in Influence & Success Insights Video #16, titled, “The Beauty of Empathy”, that’s simply not the case.

Tact, The Language of Strength

Those who master the art of tact will find that ideas of theirs that at one time would have almost automatically been resisted by others are now much more consistently and readily accepted. But, aren’t the facts themselves important? Sure they are. But, as we discover in Influence & Success Insights Video #15, titled, “Tact, The Language of Strength”, because we’re so often dealing with people whose emotions and egos supersede their logic…while facts matter, they don’t necessarily persuade. People persuade.

Being Boss And Being Friends

One of the biggest difficulties many bosses have is how to maintain a positive, encouraging and even friendly relationship with their employees, while still keeping intact the line between boss and employee. The key, as usual, is positive communication. Beth from Michigan writes: “Bob, my staff has been with my company as long as I…

An Update On Our “Tact Challenge”

In a recent post we discussed Tact and how it is perhaps the most powerful concept in terms of mastering the art of positive persuasion or, “Winning Without Intimidation.” It’s also a great way of simply becoming a pleasant person to be around. I quoted my Dad, who defines tact as, “The language of strength.” Those…