Announcing a very special, first-of-its-kind event limited
to just 50 people. Join us on Wednesday, October 1st
in West Palm Beach, Florida for the…

Genuine Influence™ Mastery Intensive

Bob Burg, Coauthor of The Go-Giver, Author of Endless Referrals
Noted Authority on Influence and Persuasion

In this intimate, one-day Intensive you’ll learn and apply the 5 Key Principles of Genuine Influence that I detailed in my newest book Adversaries into Allies. This is not about me speaking and you listening. Rather, it will be an extremely interactive workshop. We are going to go through — and work through — the difficult issues in life that might be keeping you from achieving the success you deserve. And, make no mistake about it — yes, you do deserve success!

Success in life — Success in Business —
is based 10 percent on technical skills
and 90 percent on people skills.

Whether about friendships, family relationships, romantic relationships, customers, co-workers, employer, employees, suppliers or the unhelpful customer service representative, he or she who can deal successfully with others has a distinct advantage in terms of living a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

Those who master these skills, have a life and business that is…

More Fun, Less Stressful, Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

On the other hand…

Have You Ever Had A Day Like This?

You know how it can be, right? You wake up dreading the confrontation you know you’re going to have with the company operations person at work. After all, it was her fault that the client’s problem wasn’t resolved in a timely fashion. You both agreed it needed to be handled “as soon as possible” and then at the close of day yesterday, you received an angry email from a very unhappy client with a still-not-taken-care-of-problem. What is it about “as soon as possible” that she didn’t understand?

Or, if you own your own small business, you might have just checked the work of one of the suppliers you contracted some copywriting work out to and see that he totally “didn’t get” what you were trying to say. And, it’s back to the drawing board. What a thing to wake up to! While the confrontation with him might take place by either phone or email…it’s just as difficult, and you still dread it.

You snap at your spouse who had just committed a very minor “infraction/offense.” Then again, you’ve never mentioned how much it really bothers you. Yes, you’ll apologize tonight when you both get home and have time to talk. Maybe you’ll even bring up the actual issue itself. But, how, without causing another argument? You can almost feel it in your stomach right now.

Stopping off on your way to work, the clerk selling you the coffee seems hurried and just a bit rude. How dare he treat you like that; you’re a paying customer!!

The confrontation with the operations person does happen, there are accusations back and forth, nothing is settled, and a much needed ally has now become an adversary. Aarrgh! What’s going to happen with future clients she has to help?

(Or, it was with the copywriter or other supplier who did the less-than-acceptable work for you. Either way, not pleasant.)

But – As The Famous Infomercial Says…
WAIT – There’s More!

On your three sales appointments, all three objected to your price being “too high.” And, although you deftly and cleverly explained how, in just a brief period of time, their additional profit will more than compensate for the price, you still couldn’t make the sale.

“If you want to learn how to become a powerful influencer and increase your effectiveness in business and in life, I encourage you to sign up for the Ultimate Influence Intensive Bob Burg has designed. When you complete this program you will learn the ‘secrets’ today’s greatest leaders know; how to effectively lead without exuding force. Instead, you will learn the skills master influencers use every day to achieve their gals with kindness, tact and compassion. The Genuine Influence Intensive is guaranteed to be unlike any other you have taken. It will change your life for the better.”

Heidi Richards, Founder, Women in Ecommerce
Mirimar, Florida

You wonder, “Don’t they care about anything other than price? There’s no way to compete with my competitors unless I can do something about this? At this rate, I can’t sell an ice cube to a desert wanderer who hasn’t had water in two days. And, I was following, to the letter, the training I had received regarding how to overcome price objections!” (By the way, that’s actually a big part of your problem.)

And, to really make the day complete, you just received an email from a friend asking you to serve on a committee that will be a year-long commitment. You don’t want to do it but there’s the oh-so-slight hint within the email that she came through for you in the past and is hopeful you’ll return the favor. You don’t want to return the favor. How do you possibly get out of this one and leave the “friendship” intact?

What a yucky day that was! And, notice that every single one of these incidents had something to do with other … people! (Hmm, funny how that works. And, when I say funny, I mean not funny.)

Here’s What It Really Comes Down To

Life is all about working with and dealing with people, isn’t it? About our friendships, relationships, associations, etc.

So, does it make sense that:

In order to enjoy life more, it certainly helps when
people are pre-disposed to be on your side of an issue!

You bet it does!!!!!

And, as mentioned earlier, those who master their relationships with others find their lives to be…

More Fun…Less Stressful…Happier, Healthier and Wealthier?

With that, here is an invitation that can result in a huge difference in the way you live your life from this point on:

You can be part of a very-special day of mastery
that will have you on your way to becoming a Genuine Influencer.

It’s called …

Genuine Influence™ Mastery Intensive

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What Can Mastering Genuine Influence Do For YOU?

Success: financially, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and perhaps a dozen other ways is all about people. Other people. And, to the degree that you can cause people feel good about you (which, ironically enough, depends upon how good you can make them feel about themselves) that’s the degree to which you can become an ultimate influencer and very successful individual, in business; in life!

Find out in this intimate, one-day intensive. It’s not about me speaking and you listening. This will be extremely interactive. We are going to go through — and work through — the difficult issues in life that might be keeping you from achieving the success you deserve. And, make no mistake about it — yes, you do deserve success!

What specific topics will be covered? While the following will be included, a lot of that will depend upon you. Because you have areas where you need specific help. And, if you have these areas of need, so do others in the class.

“Bob Burg has no peer when it comes to strategies for advancing business relationships! His books, seminars and coaching have revolutionized the careers of thousands of sales professionals. I recommend him every time I have the opportunity.”

Don Hutson, CEO, U.S. Learning
#1 NY Times Best-Selling author of The One Minute Entrepreneur with Ken Blanchard
Memphis, TN

“I can trace millions of dollars in sales and six figures in commissions to listening to your CDs, reading your books, and learning your ideas and tips.”

Benjamin Bach, Realtor®
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

So, we’re going to go into these specific areas and issues with which you want assistance, and go into them deep. You’ll come away from this day equipped to apply this information immediately.

In this one very special day, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Understand the Five Key Principles of Genuine Influence and how to utilize these in order to attain the results you desire when dealing with others, and in such a way that they feel good about themselves, about the situation, and about you!
  2. Master Setting the Proper Frame. Regardless of how wonderful the logic, if it’s based on a false frame, there can never be a correct conclusion. This world is full of false frames (and, unconscious ones, at that) and very few people understand this. You’ll learn exactly what a frame is, why it’s so important, and how to identify these false frames. And, most importantly, how to make them work for you rather than against you.
  3. Discover the other person’s true wants and needs… as opposed to what they say they want and need. No, they are probably not lying to you. They often really don’t know. How do you find out? You’ll learn exactly what to ask and how to ask it in order to elicit the truth.
  4. Immediately Identify when someone is attempting to manipulate you. While most people are generally good and well-intended, remember this:

    “There is nothing more dangerous to your emotional and physical well-being
    than dealing with a *bad person…with good people skills.”

    You’ll learn how to instantly tell whether that person has your best interests at heart or whether he or she is trying to get you to do something that you normally would not want to do. (*And, sometimes, it’s not even a bad person but those who love you most and only want “what’s best for you. Either way, you need to be able to identify this so that the decision is yours and not theirs).

  5. Communicate with Tact and Empathy. My Dad defines Tact as, “The language of Strength.” Tact is a way of correcting or teaching in such a way that not only does the other person not become defensive and resistant to you and your ideas, but accepting and receptive, instead.Easier said than done? Sure. That’s why we’re going to work on it. You’ll be surprised at how asking yourself one important question will help you unlock the door to becoming a person known and respected for their tact. Empathy, the ability to feel another’s feelings is so very important. The biggest secret about this is that even when you don’t really feel what they feel, you can communicate it in a way that speaks volumes.
  6. The Law of the Out or Backdoor. What gets in the way of so many when it comes to influencing others is that the other person feels the decision is not really theirs. Do this to someone and you’re almost guaranteed to lose the sale, the debate, and maybe even the friendship. On the other hand, when you provide someone with a way to come up with the correct decision themselves, they are about 100 percent more likely to commit to it. We’ll look very closely at this.
  7. Turn Objections into Sales. Customer objections are the bane of professional salespeople, But, should they be? I mean, you’ve heard them all before; you’ve learned how to respond correctly. So, when you do, why don’t they buy? Most likely for two reasons: First, you didn’t really understand their true objection. Secondly, they way you did it caused them to back off rather than to move forward. From now on, this will never be an issue for you. Now, rather than objections being a source of dread and frustration, they’ll become a joy.
  8. Negotiating the Best Price on What You Buy. You want those you buy from to make a fair profit on what they sell you. On the other hand, do you ever feel as though you’re paying too much and that, if you only knew how, you could get a much better price on those products and services you buy? And, in such a way that there is no pressure involved, either on you or the other person? After this, you’ll be able to use one simple phrase that is a powerful but pressure-less way of negotiating a better price. No course on negotiation needed for this. It’s simple and it’s easy.

“Dear Bob, while planning an event, I thought we had negotiated the best price. After using your techniques, I renegotiated to a savings of over $1300. That’s an amazing return on investment.”

Art Pasternak, Business Owner
New Jersey

You’ll learn all of the above…

And, These Will Also Add Significantly to Your Success

  • Ever have trouble collecting money a client owes you? For most people it is a very difficult, uncomfortable, and even horrifying part of their business. But you can absolutely do this without fear of confrontation or harming the relationship.
  • Your friends and associates will be amazed that you suddenly have that “knack” at handling situations that they — and most others they know — just don’t have.
  • Business will be so much more profitable as you will learn how to immediately attract and cultivate the “know, like and trust” feelings towards you — a huge key to your success.

Wouldn’t You Like to Be That Person Who:

  • just seems to “have a way” with people
  • others gravitate to and go out of their way to please and make happy
  • gets the best seats at restaurants, as well as superior, attentive service
  • is able to turn potential enemies into friends and advocates
  • can get what they want, when they want it, and from whom they want it…on a consistent, everyday basis.

Let me help you to become that person.

“I had to write you to say THANK YOU! I just applied one of your teachings to a phone call with my Internet carrier. Long story short is that I was able to avoid a $300 overage charge without making anyone feel bad. Everyone came away from it feeling great. Thanks, Bob!

Jake Petrykowski, A-Team MVP
Mendocino, CA

There’s nothing magical or mystical about it. I’ll teach you exactly what I learned and have applied successfully for many, many years! I’m gonna’ let it all hang out in this very personalized, interactive and intense day of learning.

My only question is:

How Serious Are You About Becoming
a Genuine Influencer?

How serious are you about becoming that person who has the respect and admiration of those they share their personal lives with as well as those with whom they do business?

How serious are you about having the ability to get the results you want while helping others feel good about themselves, about the situation, and about you? About becoming the communicator your children admire and your friends and associates respect? About moving others to action in a way that benefits all concerned?

If this is you, then I invite you to join me and only 49 others for a very focused, value-packed, and, more than anything, fun and immediately-applicable session.

“Being a powerful and effective influencer may be a natural gift for some people, but for most (like myself) it is an acquired craft and one that is essential to experience long term success and happiness in your business and personal life. When you learn to make the shift from trying to influence someone to do something you want them to do (i.e. buy your product or service), to focusing your energy on discovering what they truly need, the purpose of your influence is now about helping them get what they want. If you want to increase your income, build a loyal customer base and have a continuous flow of new customers, spend the majority of your time focusing on the people you serve and your honing your own people skills so that you can serve them even better!

“When it comes to being an effective and powerful influencer, void of manipulation and purely based upon being kind and caring, Bob Burg not only wrote the book, he lives it! If you ever have the opportunity to learn from Bob, seize it quickly and you’ll immediately experience increased effectiveness both in your business and your personal life.”

Nancy Matthews, Founder, Women’s Prosperity Network,
Cooper City, FL

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Success in life – success in business – is based about 10 percent on technical skills and 90 percent on People Skills. Be prepared to come away from this one-day Ultimate Influence Mastery Intensive with a whole new level of confidence in your ability to influence, persuade, and succeed!

You might think that for this information and the way it’s being presented that it’s a couple of thousand dollars, or at least a thousand dollars to attend.


It’s only $247!! {With a NO-RISK, Full Money-Back Guarantee. If, after the morning session, you don’t feel this is worth ten times the financial investment, just let me know and your money will be refunded, no-hassle, no questions asked!}

Why is the price so low when you’re going to receive so much value, especially when I regularly receive payment of $20,000 for speaking at packed corporate sales and leadership conferences? Simply because it’s our first event of this kind. It’s going to help me in perfecting this format. After this one, I have little doubt that I’ll be charging significantly more per attendee.

Talk about easy, affordable, and totally worthwhile! And with NO-RISK!

So, Take Advantage of This One
While the Opportunity Presents Itself!

The value you’ll receive in terms of your ability to effectively work with others, get the results you want, make more money, save money on things you purchase, have people more quickly take your side of an issue and much more, will pay for your investment now…and for the rest of your life.

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I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 1st at the Hilton Palm Beach Hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida and welcoming you personally to this personal, powerful and very unique class, helping you to become the Ultimate Influencer you can be!

If you still have questions, feel free to listen to this Special Q & A Call about the Genuine Influence Mastery Intensive:

Best regards,
Bob signature

P.S. Yes, indeed, a one-day intensive like this would normally go for at least $1,000 per person but I’ve reduced the rate of admission to only $247 for a select group of only 50 committed individuals who are serious about honing their persuasion skills so that they become respected influencers and leaders in the workplace, community and home. (As mentioned, I’m test-marketing. After this, I imagine I’ll be charging significantly higher admission fee for the next 50…if I decide to hold another similar event.)

I will personally show you how you can influence in a positive way to make a difference in the lives of others and turn adversarial situations into win-win situations practically every time.

It is rare for me to do an intensive like this in a such a small group setting since I’m normally retained by corporations to speak to audiences of hundreds or even thousands at their sales and leadership conferences.

I expect this to fill up quickly and will absolutely cut off registration at 50 people.

P.P.S. My goal is for you to have the type of personal attention necessary, combined with a small-group learning experience that will result in you being able to apply this information immediately!

P.P.P.S. (and the very last one) 😉 This is one of the coolest letters I’ve ever received. It’s from a woman who simply listened to my CDs, saved $3106.09 on a bill and, most importantly, earned the respect of her daughter while teaching her a wonderful life skill. Imagine what you will be able to accomplish after our full-day Ultimate Influence Intensive!

“Dear Bob, I want to share a success I recently experienced using one of your tips. My 19 year old daughter had placed long distance calls overseas, thinking that she was on a calling plan (which we were not yet) and I received a bill for…$3,451.62!!!

“Obviously, I had to do some serious negotiating with the telephone company! Because, honestly, we didn’t have a plan intact at that time. Truly, I knew they were making money even on their plan, so my request wasn’t asking them to take a loss, but rather to have mercy on me, a long-standing customer, and offer me the rates they give calling plan customers.

“To make the scenario more weighty, I am divorced. The girl’s father has continually ‘won’ many disputes through using crude and vulgar language and by threatening and intimidating people. He’s been on TV and in the newspapers with his outrageous tactics, and he usually wins or “gets his way’. Naturally, my girls are impressed by this and want him to handle disputes rather than me as they see me as just ‘too nice’ to be effective.

“My daughter told me she wanted her father to handle the call as the bill will ultimately have to be paid by her. I told her that the bill was in my name and that it was important for me to keep my ‘good name’ and that I did not want somebody calling on my behalf using vulgar language and threatening them. She scoffed at the ‘good name’ as being silly and expensive.

“She was very frustrated with me and told me the only way to deal with these companies was to kick your boot up their {rear end}.

“In addition to being an enormous financial issue, it also became important to me to model to my daughters that ‘nice’ people aren’t losers, and that business and companies are fair and good to polite customers. I prayed for over a week before I placed the call. As an answer to my prayers, in addition to receiving courage and poise, I remembered a vignette of yours with a plan for responding to ‘no’ responses.

“I placed the call, speaking forthright. I was very polite and quite relaxed, knowing {what I needed to do}. The person I spoke with went to his supervisor, they were completely understanding and helpful, and adjusted my bill to reflect the calling plan amount of $345.53.

“I apologize for the length of this note, but I cannot tell you my joy in letting my daughter know the good news. She said ‘thank you’ and ‘great work Mom’, and said she was going to call her Dad and let him know it worked being nice! She said this had been bothering her so much it was hard for her to sleep.

“My prayers were answered threefold, with courage, wisdom, and success. Thank you so much for offering the wisdom!”

Name Withheld
{Note from Bob: she did not ask me to withhold her name. I’m doing so because of the mention of her husband. To include her name and any other identifying information would not be appropriate.}

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