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Hi, I’m Bob Burg. While I’m perhaps best known for two books; The Go-Giver and Endless Referrals, there’s a “course” I took many years ago that — without question in my mind — made the biggest difference in my quest for both personal and professional success. While I’ve rarely taught it publicly, it is perhaps THE most powerful program I could ever present. Not because of me, personally, but because of the “inventor” of this program, one of our country’s founders, Benjamin Franklin. Now, you can tap into the wisdom and power of this program and do the same thing I did; make a huge, significant change in YOUR life for the better. First, let me tell you what it’s all about.

Either You Master Your Traits or They Master You

Once Ben Franklin determined this, he devised a system that would forever change his life. You can do the same!

That’s right, our character traits are sort of like money — they make excellent servants, but terrible masters. So, let me ask you a kind of strange sounding question:

Are you the rider or the horse?

Imagine riding a horse. This horse is a big, huge, powerful animal. This can be good because, if you harness that power, it will take you where you want to go, and with lightning speed.

However, if you don’t harness that power (i.e., have no control over it but, instead, it controls you) it will take you for a ride; a long ride, to places you may not want to go.

In other words, either you control the horse or the horse controls you!

This is so important, let me repeat it:

Either you control the horse or the horse controls you!

Our Character Traits are a lot like that horse. If we control them, they’ll take us to great, magnificent places. We’ll have peace, happiness, loving relationships, money and emotional fitness. If our traits control us, it’ll be much like the hapless rider who cannot control his horse, being taken in whatever direction the horse, an animal that survives strictly on instinct, chooses to take it.

Which rider are you? Do you control the horse or does the horse control you? The answer is the difference between where you are right now, and your potential for achievement in any area(s) you desire.

Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

By mastering your traits, you master your life, increase your income, improve your relationships, self-esteem and — as Ben Franklin would say — “Be healthy, wealthy and wise.”

One of our most influential Americans was Benjamin Franklin. He accomplished more in his life than most of us could ever dream of. He was also known as a master of people skills and a master of his own traits.

But, that was not always the case. Early in Ben’s career he was thought to be “of a most disagreeable sort” and people would not only not listen to him; many didn’t even want to be around him. When he was counseled on this by one of his mentors (and, fortunately he was humble enough to listen) he decided things needed to change.

He knew that if he were to ever have what it took to accomplish great things both for himself and for the world in which he lived, he would first need to become the master of himself; the master of his traits.

More on Ben in just a bit.

“Who is mighty? That Person who masters their inclinations”
~ Simeon ben Zoma (from The Talmud)

I personally believe that self-mastery is about the most worthwhile pursuit one can take on. As we improve ourselves — and our mastery over our inclinations — we replace bad habits with good habits; we go from non-effective to effective, and from effective to majorly effective. We can make more money, have more fun, be more influential and simply create and live a better live for ourselves and those we love.

I’ve only spoken on this topic publicly several times. And, while it could be one of my topics to teach at live events, that’s not where I choose to go. I focus on my programs centered around “The Go-Giver Way.”

So, What’s The Best Way To Bring You
This Vitally Important Information
in a Comfortable Environment
That is Easy And Affordable For You?

Let’s meet in the comfort of your home. Not literally of course. But via MP3 audios. That way, you have ongoing access anywhere and at any time.

And, you’ll receive the same high-quality, how-to oriented teaching as when I speak for my corporate clients and at public events.

Master Your Traits / Master Yourself

‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself’

~ Rumi

This system for mastering your traits is based on Ben Franklin’s famous self-improvement course featured in his Autobiography. When I first read about it I immediately became fascinated because — as mentioned earlier — I learned that Gentle Ben, despite his extraordinary number of major accomplishments, first had to improve upon some very basic character flaws. I had not known that.

Being that there was no known self-improvement courses at the time, Ben the inventor…invented his own. I’ll share with you how to actually apply this amazing methodology and improve your life and business.

This is exactly what I did, and it made a hugely significant difference in my life and income. However, when I first learned about it, I remember — as fascinated as I was — wondering if it would really work. Some of it actually sounded rather counter-intuitive.

On the other hand, it was Ben Franklin. And, as far as I knew, he usually seemed to know what he was talking about. 🙂 The other question was, “okay, even if it did work for Ben…I’m no Ben Franklin. Would it work for me?”

“You, Bob Burg, Are No Ben Franklin!”

I mean, though I had a healthy level of confidence and self-esteem, I had no illusions that — like Dr. Franklin — I’d ever invent hundreds of items that would still be in use hundreds of years later. I’d most likely never be the ambassador to France. And, would most certainly never be one of the founders of a new country.

However, in following Dr. Franklin’s system — and it IS a system — I have become a much more effective Bob Burg than I ever was before. And, in this program, you’ll learn how to be a much more effective and powerful YOU, as well.

In fact, I’ll come right out and say that, if you’ll follow this system;. I mean, implement it right away, your life will never be the same. Implementing this system AND teaching it to those you love, those with whom you work, and anyone else interested in bettering themselves and their lives, will be the greatest gift you can give them.

If Benjamin Franklin had picked someone to teach the lessons in self-mastery that he used in his life, he would have picked Bob Burg. Bob’s temperament, dedication and genuineness make him the perfect teacher. The program he has created is a “must-have” by any serious student of personal development.”

Vic Johnson, Founder,

Almost immediately — and I mean beginning with week one — I saw that, indeed, it could and would work for me so long as I followed it. And, I’ll take you through it step-by-step. Fortunately, it’s not particularly hard to follow and it is actually based on one of my favorite sayings, and that is . . .

Build On Your Small Successes

Secret: Small Successes very quickly add up to huge successes. Most people never realize that and think the only way they can accomplish great things is by taking huge, uncomfortable giant steps. Uh-uh.

This is so key: we need to provide ourselves with a methodology that works, and a way to do it that is simple, easy, and provides immediate feedback; both course correction and positive.

Yep, it works; it works big, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. Not only will our 60 minutes (and, shhh, don’t tell anyone but I’ll stay on the line for Q & A afterwards for as long as you want) 😉 together be a lot of fun; the ongoing follow-through you do will be fun, as well. Not to mention, life-enhancing and — dare I say — life changing.

If you’re like I am, you’re going to feel a great sense of joy, personal satisfaction and gratitude as you become much more effective both personally and professionally.

By the way, I know of many families who have taken this information after learning it from me and utilized it as a “Family Study” in order to provide their children with a terrific tool for improving themselves that many kids will never have the advantage of learning.

Really, I can’t wait to share this with you. So, purchase this audio program right now and get ready to…

Master Your Traits / Master Yourself

In this program, where — like Ben Franklin himself — you’ll learn how to turn your weaknesses into your biggest strengths, you’ll find that…

  • You have more self-discipline/self control
  • Your capacity to make more money will dramatically increase
  • You’ll become a better, more effective friend, associate and partner
  • Your self-confidence will improve immeasurably
  • You’ll have a system for life so that, whenever a bad habit develops you’ll be able to rid yourself of it quickly and replace it with something much more productive

Finally, here’s a note from super-entrepreneur, Donna Krech about this powerful program that you can take advantage of right now and at a price less than a night out for dinner…for one! 🙂

Dear Bob,

You’ve cornered the market on the most FANTASTIC information available for a person to be, live in and have the excellence they were created for. It will truly change lives! I believe it’s the core to team building, professional accomplishment, managing a staff, a home and yourself.

This program will help employers keep employees. It will help parents be better at their responsibility as well as give them the tools to raise productive, happy, healthy children and grandchildren. It will be a direct influence on companies building greater profits and growing to the next level. It will also help us to simply be better people.

What a gift this program will be to anyone who studies, learns and lives it. This information is what success and happiness are made of!”

Donna Krech,
Founder, Thin & Healthy Weight Loss Centers
Owner of Donna Krech Companies


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Best regards,

Bob Burg

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