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Dear Friend,

I’d like to introduce you to a premiere expert on speaker marketing and business development. She learned from the best, is hugely successful and can show you how to be the same. In fact, that’s exactly what she does. And, she’s agreed to be my guest on this very special, encore tele-event.

Jane AtkinsonAnd, when it comes to this topic, Jane Atkinson is a wisdom-filled, how-to information machine! She has marketed some of the top-earning professional speakers in the world, including non-celebrity speaking superstars such as Vince Poscente, Joe Calloway and Peter Legge.

Actually, Jane has been helping speakers catapult their businesses for more than 25 years. Aside from marketing individual speakers, she is also a former Vice President of International Speakers Bureau and has seen the industry from many angles.

An Absolutely Free Tele-Event Recording!

Before I tell you about this very exciting opportunity for you to learn how to “really” accelerate your speaking business, I must share with you the following…

Actually, I believe…

It’s The Biggest (Albeit, Unintentional) Lie of Professional Speaking

As a 25-year professional speaker, I have heard one piece of advice over and over and over again and, other than in the rarest of occasions and for the rarest of speakers, I’ve not found it to be true.

What I’m about to say will make some people mad — both those who often say it as well as those who’d like to believe it.  It’ll make them mad because it SEEMS as though it should be true.

But, 99 times out of 100…it isn’t.

And, that is…

“The best marketing strategy for a professional speaker is simply to be an excellent speaker!”

“What’s that, Burg!? What are you saying? You’re saying that isn’t true?”

Yes, I’m saying it isn’t true.

“So, you’re saying that being an excellent speaker, providing exceptional value to your client, and giving an outstanding presentation isn’t an important part of marketing yourself as a speaker?”

That is absolutely NOT what I’m saying. Of course, you must be an excellent speaker. You must provide exceptional value to your client. And, you must consistently give outstanding presentations.

I’m just saying that it is not a marketing strategy. Or, at least, the best marketing strategy. It’s simply what you must be in order to even be in the game.

There are a LOT of great speakers out there. And, some of the greatest ones are not nearly as busy speaking speaking as they’d like to be.

Why not?

Because they haven’t mastered what really counts in having a successful and lucrative speaking business.

And, here it is…

“The ability to market their speaking business.”

Yep, just as some of the best books ever written will never get read by more than a few hundred people because it wasn’t marketed properly, many of the best speakers with potential to touch the lives of millions and millions of people and make a terrific living while doing so will never see it happen.

Because they don’t know how to market their speaking business.

But, that doesn’t have to be you!

Introducing a Master of The Business

You can learn from the woman who has become known as one of the greatest speaker marketers (and teachers of such) how you can begin your speaking business and get off to a quick, profitable start. Or, if you are a veteran speaker who still hasn’t unlocked the door, to make a major shift in your business.

Let me ask you this:

  • Are you a seasoned speaker who is stuck at a plateau?
  • Are you a new speaker who wants to catapult?
  • Is your marketing working to get you booked?
  • Are you positioned correctly?
  • Would you like to earn higher fees?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ll want to listen to the recording of this tele-event with Jane Atkinson.

Wealthy 2.0 cover low resJane’s book The Wealthy Speaker 2.0: The Proven Formula For Building Your Successful Speaking Business is terrific! I read it just a few months ago after hearing all about her from my great friend, Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE, a man for whom I have a TON of respect. As a long-time, hugely-successful speaker, Joe knows this business like few other speakers. And, when he spoke so highly of someone as he did of Jane, I knew I had to check her out.

She did not disappoint.


Why We’re Doing This

You see, as a long-time speaking professional, I’m often asked by new and up-and-coming-speakers how they can more effectively market themselves. And, it’s a bit difficult for me to answer because the things I did when I first began are simply not the same as they are now, when I’m already established. So, I’ve forever been looking for someone I could refer them to and feel totally confident that I was handing them to the right person.

Jane is so terrific, we use her Wealthy Speaker University 16-Week Business Acceleration Program in our Go-Giver Speaker Certification Program. To say that our last Tele-Event with Jane was a big hit would be a dramatic understatement. And, the ones who got her book and took her advice have seen a dramatic shift. One of our Certified Go-Giver Speakers shared the following:

“Just a quick note that after our call with Jane Atkinson I bought ‘The Wealthy Speaker 2.0.’ Oh my how I wish I knew about that book a year ago. It would have saved me so much time and thousands of dollars! It is a great step-by-step guide to building any business and I have already made several changes to my marketing materials and strategy as a result.” ~ Heath Suddleson, Leadership Expert and Speaking Professional

So, if you would like to learn how to effectively market your speaking business for more engagements, higher fees and a lot more fun, get access now…

Accelerate Your Speaking Business with Jane Atkinson

Prepare to learn a ton.

Whether it comes to the speech, positioning, or marketing materials, Jane Atkinson will help you avoid the common mistakes and take advantage of techniques and tips that have helped many of her clients catapult to the top 3%.

Find out what’s changed in the past few years to make our marketplace even more competitive and the need to provide ”return on investment” marketing essential.

You’ll Learn: 

  • The 3 keys industry superstars use to earn more than $1M per year
  • What’s hot and what’s not in 2016
  • How to position yourself to get paid higher fees
  • How to roll out to your target market with the highest impact.

Join Jane for this session and be prepared to take pages and pages of notes. (So, don’t be driving while you’re listening to it.) 😉

If I may suggest, even before the tele-event, visit and pick up your copy of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0: The Proven Formula For Building Your Successful Speaking Business.

Epic_Final2 You can also pick up her brand new book, The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills And Styles of Wealthy Speakers.

Listen to our tele-event and learn the step-by-step process that many of North America’s top speakers use to earn over $1 million per year, even in today’s economy.

If you’re thinking of becoming a professional speaker, are just beginning or have been doing so for years but want know you need to know how to master the marketing part, then join us.


Bob Burg

Best regards,

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P.S. This tele-event recording is absolutely free. You will be receiving business-building wisdom for your speaking business that will open doors for you that you might not have been able to imagine. Often, the biggest difference between where you are now and where you want to be is having a proven and actionable system. That is what Jane brings to the table.

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