“A classy and timeless read.”

— Jones LoflinJuggling Elephants

“A liberating way of looking at life … required reading.”

— Dr. David J. WalkerDiirector of Los Angeles Center of Religious Science

“Hits a bull’s-eye on the subject of success in business and life.”

— Dr. Ivan MisnerFounder of BNI

“This book is exactly what is meant by the phrase ‘Great things come in small packages.’”

— Tom HopkinsHow to Master the Art of Selling

“Wonderfully illuminates the principles of contribution, abundance, service, and success.”

— Stephen M. R. CoveyThe Speed of Trust

“Deeply heartfelt and meditative.”

— Ori BrafmanSway, The Chaos Imperative

“The best business parable since The Greatest Salesman in the World and The One Minute Manager.”

— Pat WilliamsSenior vice president of The Orlando Magic

“A beautiful book that will touch your soul and inspire your heart.”

— David BachThe Automatic Millionaire

“Burg and Mann’s concept is one of unlimited scope.”

— Copley News Service

“Similar to Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie, providing wisdom and insight on how to be more successful.”

— TheStreet.com