Adversaries into Allies is wisdom wrapped in warmth. Reading it feels like sitting down with a dear mentor. You walk away reconnected to what’s most important, equipped with the ability to get what you want in a way that expands others.

—Mollie Marti, Ph.D., J.D.Author of Walking With Justice

“Simultaneously challenging and encouraging, Adversaries into Allies delivers on the promise of sustainable influence. You will literally feel your perspective shift as you turn the pages. Bob drives timeless wisdom into real-time action.”

—Dondi ScumaciAuthor of Career Moves, Designed for Success, and Ready, Set... Grow

“Bob Burg has delivered again! In Adversaries into Allies, you’ll learn how to influence and persuade others toward outcomes that create genuinely good feelings and results for everyone involved. The principles of how exactly to do that, consistently and predictably, are powerfully presented in this tremendous book. And you’re about to learn them from a master.”

—Stephen M. R. CoveyAuthor of The Speed of Trust and co-author of Smart Trust

“I wish I had read Bob Burg’s newest book early in my career. What a difference it would have made! It is definitely a must read for everyone who wants to enhance their business success, but don’t just read it once. It’s a book you need to read time and time again. Many thanks to Bob for a valuable new work.”

—Susan SolovicAuthor; Co-founder of Small Business Television

“How can we achieve the challenging goal of turning adversaries into allies? We can start by turning the pages of Adversaries into Allies, which provides an impressively clear and compelling explanation of just how to do it.”

—Robert B. CialdiniAuthor of Influence

Adversaries into Allies is full of practical wisdom for becoming more persuasive while keeping your integrity intact. Bob Burg, a master of winning friends and influencing people, has written an immensely useful and thoroughly enjoyable book.”

—Adam GrantWharton Professor; Author Of Give And Take