“Bob Burg has an uncommon gift for turning everyday contacts into a wealth of resources. Bob’s journey and personal track record make him a trusted guide and friend to anyone who aspires to become well-known in any industry. Take it form one who knows. I read the original version of this book many years ago so that I too, could grow my business. I followed his suggestions word-for-word and today have very three successful businesses because I put the principles shared in Endless Referrals into practice. I am very excited about this newest version. Inside the pages you will find cutting-edge advice interwoven with the thoughts and quotes of some of society’s most successful leaders.”

“Bob Burg gives the reader an honest look at what networking and building your referral base is all about. He is able to share his life’s experiences as well as those of countless others, and within those stories, find common nuggets we all relate to. Endless Referrals is practical, well thought out and easy –to-apply. While comprehensive in scope, it is easy to read and most importantly, easy to implement. It is a must-read for anyone with a passion to grow a successful business.”

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