Are You Considering Writing a Book and Have Been Told to Find a Good Agent, But You Don’t Know How to Even Begin the Process?

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Dear Aspiring Author,

New authors, aspiring authors, even people just thinking about becoming an author often call me to ask me about the process of getting their book published.

This tells me that today it has become almost self-evident that one very effective way to position yourself in the marketplace of business and ideas is to… become published.

But, if you’ve never done so before, the very thought of the process entailed can be downright intimidating.

Hey, I was there. And, I got lucky. When trying to sell my first book, Endless Referrals, a person I’d just met at a speakers convention actually volunteered to introduce me to his agent. His agent liked the manuscript and sold it to the first publisher he spoke to.

It doesn’t usually happen like that. No, that is very rare!

Back to the Future…or, At Least the Present

I’ve now authored or coauthored 10 books. Four of them have combined for over 1,250,000 in total numbers sold. Most of them have been published through traditional publishing houses while being represented by a literary agent.

My agent for the four books below (and her associate) is recognized as one of the top literary agents in the world. She has represented luminaries including Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. More about her shortly.

I’m often asked many questions regarding agents as they relate to the publishing process:

Among these are:

  • Do I really need an agent?
  • How do I find one?
  • How do I know an agent will want to work with me?
  • Don’t agents cost me money because of their commission?
  • How do I know the agent I find will be the “right” agent for me?
  • What will an agent need from me in order to decide to take me on?

Yes, I often have people simply asking me how to get published. Depending upon your unique publishing goals, a big part of that is finding an agent. And, of course, finding the right agent.

Discover How to Find The Right Agent for YOUR Book…
And Learn What You Need to Know About The Agent-Author Process!

The-One-Minute-Manager-BlanchardThis woman has represented authors ranging from Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson (yes, the famous “One-Minute” book series) to Stephen Lundin, John Christensen, and Harry Paul; from Lucinda Bassett to Sheldon Bowles; from Sylvia Beach and Fauzziya Kassindja to…well, Bob Burg and John David Mann.

In this discussion, we covered topics such as…

  • Why is it important for a serious author — one who wants to be published by a traditional publishing house — to have an agent?
  • But, doesn’t an agent “cost” money in terms of the percentage? Wouldn’t I be better off going it alone?
  • How does one — especially if it’s a first book — even go about knowing how to find an agent?
  • Do different agents have different preferences regarding the types of authors/books they want to represent?
  • What is a query letter and do you just send them all over? Or, is it more important to target?
  • What’s the best way to approach a potential agent for representation?
  • How does one go about writing a proposal?
  • What is meant by a “platform” and why do agents and publishers care so much about this?

FISH2014coverMy selfish reason for holding this call: I’m asked about the publishing process on such a consistent basis that — after this call — it will be easier for me to send them a link to Margret and Faye’s wisdom. 🙂

This is exactly what I do know when asked by current and emerging speakers how to market their speaking businesses? I simply send them this link to the interview I did with the amazing Jane Atkinson.

This tele-event recording could help you step into the next stage of your career-enhancing bestselling book.

Bob Burg

Enjoy the recording!

Best regards,

Bob signature

P.S. Scroll down to read more about Margret McBride and Faye Atchison.


Learn What You Need To Know About Finding The Right Literary Agent
To Represent You And Your Book

Click here to download the recording to your computer.




Margret McBride

Margret McBrideMargret gained eight years experience in the publishing industry prior to establishing her San Diego agency in 1980. She worked in the marketing departments of Random House and Ballantine Books in New York. Later, she became the Director of Publicity at Warner Books, and Director of Publicity, Promotions and Advertising for Pinnacle Books. She is a member of the Association of Authors Representatives (AAR) and the Author’s Guild. She also serves on the La Jolla Playhouse Board at the University of California at San Diego.

Margret previously served on the Library Board of the University of California at San Diego and under her five-year direction, the UCSD Writers Conference attracted a distinguished faculty of publishers, editors and agents, as well as international participants.

Margret’s initial success as a literary agent began in 1981 with the sale of the New York Times bestseller, The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson M.D., which has been an international bestseller for over 30 years.

Margret is interested in a wide range of commercial fiction and nonfiction, especially historical fiction, medical suspense, legal thrillers, and stories featuring strong female protagonists. She is not interested in sci-fi or fantasy.

Her nonfiction interests include biographies and memoirs, travel, history, psychology, health, self-improvement and business, especially entrepreneurship, management, and finance. She also has a weakness for business parables.

Faye Atchison
Associate Agent and Assistant to Margret McBride

Faye handles correspondence between publishers, authors and the agency, and provides liaison, continuity and logistics for Ms. McBride. She handles the flow of manuscripts inside the office and with the publisher. She has a BA in Fine Arts from San Diego State University. If you have a question, from submissions within the office to working with the publisher after the sale, Faye will find your answer.

Faye is interested in in both commercial and niche fiction and nonfiction. Fiction interests include young adult, speculative fiction, commercial fantasy, women’s fiction, historical fiction, sci-fi, paranormal, unconventional westerns, and anything with unique, well-drawn characters and a dark or offbeat sense of humor.

Her nonfiction interests include pop-culture, music, history, health, inspirational (but not spiritual), and extremely well-written narrative nonfiction.

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